Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Frilly Footwear!

(above) So...Did you have flip flops like this when you were in elementary or junior high?!  I have a bunch of these and LOVED making them!  So, when thinking of something fun and frilly for a special 2 year old little girl...these came to mind!  I took rubber flip flops from oldnavy and tied fabric strips (an inch wide and about 4 to 5 inches long) with a single knot on the straps!  I did a pattern with solids and a butterfly print...though, use a smaller print than I used because I feel like you can barely see the butterflies!  At the end, I trimmed them up to make them even and not droopy!  What to do with extra?!  I made this cute little matching hair bow!  I laid out the strips on my counter in a fan pattern and just tied them all together!  SO EASY!  My son totally thought they were for him and begged me to wear them!  HAHA!

OTHER FLIP FLOP IDEAS:  rhinestones along the straps with a big flower in the center, an initial them with a letter in the center and flowers, fabric, or stones on the sides, and you can also do tulle (like in a tutu, which I also make those and just realized I NEVER posted) on the straps just like the fabric.

And below, this is my next little shoe project I would like to take on!  Bedazzled Converse for my little diva! :)  Cute huh?!  Will post once I get to it...but she is still little and kind of waiting for fall when she will need close toed shoes!  BUT, figured I would post the idea if any of you want to try!

Frilly Footwear Creatingly Yours,


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