Thursday, May 19, 2011

Activity Book

As a past teacher I have TONS of stuff with page protectors and white board markers.  I have had students do letter searches, practice writing their name, games, coloring, etc.  So I thought that I would make something for my son to take on car rides or when we are out to eat at restaurants. 

Like I said you can use white board markers on page protectors but I don't exactly trust my little 2 year old to use markers yet. And, I found these AWESOME window crayons!  They were about $3 at Wal-mart.  Actually crayons work pretty good on page protectors but you have to press harder.

I made a sticker page

And, a handwriting name page...yes I know he's only 2 but hey never to early to see your name and start practicing it.  ;)

Also, since my son is SO into cars and race tracks I made a little track because I ALWAYS have matchox cars in my purse.

And, some coloring pages

To wipe it off I just used an old baby sock.  It worked great.

He loved it!

And really the things you can make for this little book are endless.  Have fun!!!

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