Wednesday, May 18, 2011

What to do with your Easter eggs??

So what do you do with your Easter eggs?? 

Save them for next year-sure

Throw them away- why not they were only like $1

But hey why not build a little matching lesson for your little one.  YEAH!!!!!

I took the eggs and wrote a letter on each one and then put them in a bucket for your kiddo to match.  You can even do upper case on one half and lower case on the other. 

*do not mind my chipped nailpolish...ewww



  1. Love this! The possibilities for my classroom are endless!

  2. Amy! Hey, it's Crys. I LOVE this idea! I saved Dom's eggs... and I've been really into doing alphabet stuff with him lately... aaaaand he's really into easter eggs. Winner! Thanks for the cute idea... I'm getting out my sharpie as we speak and he can do this while I make dinner! I love the activity book too. So excited about this blog! :) :) :)