Friday, May 20, 2011

Pillowcase dress!

Well...this little dress has been an adventure!  You know when you see those ideas online and think...."OH I can do that?!"  Well...that is the story behind this adorable little thing.  I saw a pdf instruction guide of how to make a basically 4 seam dress.  Well I just couldn't resist.  I am a beginner at sewing but desperately want to be on a more advanced level and well...since practice makes perfect decided to take this one for my little girl!  So I began the great search for a cute pillowcase for my project.  NO LUCK!  I just couldn't find ANYTHING that I could picture turning into a dress that I would want to put her in. LOL.  SO, I went to hobby lobby...bought fabric off the bolt and said to myself "well...I will just sew my OWN pillowcase"  (Now, I KNOW...why didn't I also purchase a pattern for a cute little dress) but nope, I was determined to do this all on my own! 

So I came home, and got started!  Honestly, I think if I did it again, it would probably be better (there are a few mistakes and crooked seams) BUT, like most crafters and DIY know... doesn't always turn out perfect!  But, none the less, I am quite proud of myself for finishing it and it being wearable :) 

So, if you use a pillow case it is quite simple.  Cut off the closed part of the pillowcase to the desired lenth of the dress.  You are left with the bottom hem already done!  Fold the pillowcase in half and cut out the arm holes.  Hem and stitch.  Then, hem down the top and create a casing for your and done!

When I  do it again OR make it for someone...Since I absolutely LOVE the calico prints at the fabric stores, I prefer to use that fabric for sewing rather than a pillowcase, I would buy a pattern.  There are a MILLION out there for this same style and walmart has some for $0.97!  That being said...this style of dress sells online ranging from 15-40 dollars and this cost me $3.00 in fabric and $1.00 in ribbon!  SOOOO.... a total bargain!
 And...I just LOVE making my daughter cute little hair accessories.  I had some scrap tulle from a tu-tu (stay tuned for Tu-Tu-torial) and made this little flower headband to match the dress (I will also explain in another post how to make this cute, fluffy little things :) )....

Sewingly Yours,

PS...I wanted to attached the instructions I used from online but can't attach the document!

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