Thursday, May 19, 2011

Easy and Adorable Infant Leg Warmers!

I absolutely LOVE leg warmers on my 5 month old baby girl! They are so cute and trendy and make diaper changes a sinch! Well...retail you could pay between $5 and $12 a pair! I walked through Target one day I saw a pair of peace sign socks (I am a total hippie at heart so just had to have them) BUT, they were knee socks and was thinkings...when in the world would I wear these?! Then...LIGHTBULB! So, I bought these hip $2 socks, cut off the foot part, hemmed them and VIOLA! LEG WARMERS! Literally...a 5 minute project! My husband NEVER believes me when I say I need 5 minutes on my sewing machine BUT...this time I was done in a snap! 

Want to know what else works???  SCARFS!  1 scarf makes multiple leg warmers, just sew the sides of the scarf together!  Saw it on another blog and thought it was soooo cute!  may have to try that this winter for my little baby fashionista!

Baby Fashioningly Yours,


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